ASCPA supports business owners in making decisions for merger, acquisition, expansion, division sale and capital raises with the following services:

·         Business Plan DevelopmentASCPA works with startup and established owners in creating a viable business plan to accomplish the goals of the company.


·         Due DiligenceASCPA performs forensic services for evaluating information provided to support merger & acquisition offers.


·         Project & Investment ValuationsASCPA performs return on investment analysis for existing divisions, future projects or merger & acquisition offers.


·         Capital RaisesASCPA assists in properly positioning the company for debt or equity financing and working with the bankers or the prospectus with the attorneys.


·         Reorganizational PlanningASCPA works with owners for designing a plan to reorganize operations, negotiate debt modifications and to build the business.

ASCPA has partnered with John C. Sullivan, P.C., attorneys at law, to assist companies in capital raises, loan modifications and merger & acquisition documents.